Kremin Inc. provides contract manufacturing services for the industrial and transportation markets. Our experience and highly skilled workforce bring experience and quality to OEMs in the industrial and transportation manufacturing market. Headquarter in the heart of the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan, Kremin Inc. leverages its 30 years of experience as a Company in the industrial and automotive center of the national and global markets to deliver value for our customers.

Our dual ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 facility provides our customers with a superior quality system and advanced manufacturing process that delivers industry leading precision machined parts and components while being a flexible, responsive vendor.

industrial-iconAerospace & Defense

Aerospace companies look to Kremin Inc. for contract manufacturing of products that meet their rigid requirements for quality. Aerospace OEMs and suppliers know they can count on Kremin Inc. to provide parts and components to meet such requirements, because their demands match that of our medical device customers – both require tight toleranced, high-precision machining of exotic materials. Kremin Inc’s attention to detail, use of the newest technologies, and a commitment to creating value for our customers allow us to provide the close tolerance and defect-free aerospace manufacturing products this industry demands.

industrial-iconMedical Devices

Kremin Inc.’s management and operational team has a significant amount of contract manufacturing experience in the medical device industry. Whether you need assistance with prototyping & engineering support or high volume production; Kremin Inc.’s provides their customers with quality parts & components, superior customer support and responsiveness. Kremin Inc. can manage the entire product cycle – from prototyping to production. Our advanced manufacturing practices and processes produce quality components and parts while meeting the diverse demands of the medical device industry.


Kremin Inc.’s energy division serves the traditional energy sectors such as Oil & Gas as well as the alternative energy sector. If you are looking for a long-term vendor relationship and need quality machined components with tight tolerances, contact Kremin Inc. today. Kremin Inc. has a wide range of experience and industry knowledge in manufacturing energy industry parts and components.

Kremin Inc. serves the alternative energy industry by employing decades of experience in custom precision machining and quality control manufacturing services to produce high precision engineered and machined parts, components, and assemblies for a variety of alternative energy systems and equipment.

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This is just a small sample of products that we are able to manufacturer with our diverse capabilities and talented workforce. Please contact us today to discuss your prototype or contract manufacturing project.

Kremin Inc. is a dual ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 facility