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Along with Kremin Inc.’s contract manufacturing business, Kremin Inc. develops and sells a proprietary line of tool holders and products for the dimensional stone and glass industry. Kremin Onyx tools are the leading brand of toolholders for the stone and glass fabricating industry. 100% made in the USA, Kremin Inc. Toolholders and parts have an industry leading anti-corrosive infused technology that delivers a longer life and more consistent performance than other products on the market.

We stock the following standard Products and sizes


22mm x 39mm, 35mm x 39mm, ½ Gas


35mm x 39 mm, ½ Gas


22mm x 39mm, 35mm x 39mm, 2-3cm, 6-7cm, ½ Gas


35mm x 39mm, ½ Gas


35mm x 39mm Old Style, 35mm x 39mm New Style,
35 x 47 New Style, ½ Gas Old Style, ½ Gas New Style


22mm x 39mm, 35mm x 39mm, 35mm x 47mm, 35mm x 60mm, ½ Gas


22mm x 39mm, 35mm x 39mm, 35mm x 47mm, 35mm x 60mm, ½ Gas

Gripper Set Assemblies for:

Northwood, Park, Loeffler

stone-productsDo you need a 22mm x 60mm holder? Maybe you need an ISO 50 holder with a ½ gas connection and a 6″ OAL for a Northwood Limestone machine? We also custom make sizes and holders for any type of machine for your specific application, we can make a solution for your most challenging problems.

All our products are sold through the following distributors. Please contact one of the fine companies below if you are interested in our products.

Contact us to find a Distributor near you

You can also contact Park Industries and Northwood Machine for our tool holders as well. If you are interested in distribution of these products, please contact Kremin Inc. we can put your logo and company information on the parts and set up an inventory solution to meet each distributor’s individual needs.

Do you need additional Stone Solutions? Adapters, gripper sets? Contact Kremin Inc. today!

Stone Tooling Products