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3 Common Ways to Probe Parts

There are multiple ways to scan a part for quality checks, but these three methods are our favorite scans to probe parts.

Video Transcript:

“Welcome back, everybody. Today we’re gonna get probed.

Actually the part is [getting probed], and I’m going to show you 3 different ways that we can do it.

Traditionally we would use the Touchpoint method, which would give you about eight points of data for this feature. Or you could use the scanning capabilities that takes about the exact same amount of time and will give you a lot more data. You could use this if you have a picky customer, if you want the highest amount of data that you can get, or if you want to measure some difficult features and make sure that they’re within tolerance.

The second method will be our Concentric Circle Scan. As you can see, that stylus is touching the part and it’s going to scan around. The [Touchpoint] method gets eight points of information. With the [Concentric Circle] method, we’re taking about 1500 points.

Our third way is going to be a Line Cone Scan. What the stylus is going to do is to touch the part and scan up the length of the cone. This method will get about 750 points of data to get a lot more accuracy off of our measurements.

So if you’re only using the touchpoint method, you might want to consider going over to the scanning method. This can save you time, give you a lot more data, and keep your customers a lot more happy.”