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The Advantedge: The Ultimate Tool Dressing Machine for Dimensional Stone Manufacturers

The Advantedge Dressing Machine – a system for easily dressing your stone cutting tooling off-line. Any stone shop with a CNC router MUST have this! The Advantedge Dressing Machine is only available from Kremin Inc.


Video Transcript:

“Are you properly maintaining your tooling? How
much time are you losing on your CNC routers
to maintain your tooling? Are you looking
for an easier way to maintain your tooling?

Hi, I’m Trevor Perry with Kremin Inc, the
manufacturer of the advantage dressing machine.

In this video, I’m going to show you why
any stone shop with a CNC router must have an advantage dressing machine.
The main advantage of the advantage dressing machine is to allow the
operators to dress their tooling offline, leaving
more spindle uptime for your CNC router.

The dressing machine makes it easier for the users and
operators to see what they’re trying to address
and to ensure that they get a good clean
dress across their tooling so it’s ready
for the next time. The advantage dressing
machine is a very easy to use machine.
Many of its designs are similar to the
spindle of your CNC router in your stone shop.
We have master on, master off controls, spindle
start, stop features, and a variable speed
dial which allows you to run a rotation
as low as a few rpm to as high as 3000 rpm
to address your actual tooling. Once
you’re ready to maintain your tooling,
you simply locate the tooling inside the
spindle, and tighten the hand dial the thumb
dial behind here until it’s snug. Close the
safety guards, and you’re ready to turn it on.

Once it’s up and running and you move it to the
desired speed that you want it, you can simply
dress your tooling. Once you’re satisfied, stop
the spindle, simply remove the screw holder from
the spindle, and you’re now ready to move on to
your next tool. The advantage dressing machine
was primarily designed to withstand the harsh
environments of the stone facility specifically
with safety in mind. Dressing your tooling on your
CNC router can be very dangerous. On the advantage
dressing machine, we have designed guarding to
protect the operators from being potentially
caught in the spindle while they’re attempting
to dress their tooling. With this guarding,
if anyone is attempting to open it, it has
switches on here that will stop the spindle
immediately. The design comes with a timing
belt and a VFD drive, so as soon as the lid
is attempted to be opened, the spindle will stop
within one second–protecting your operator.
All these features are designed by us to keep
your operators safe.

Since 2013 we have over 250
advantage dressing machines running daily
in stone shops across the united states.
If you are considering or looking into
a tool pre-setter for your CNC routers,
the advantage dressing machine is a must-have. If
you are interested in a dressing machine, or would
like more information about the advantage dressing
machine, contact your local GranQuartz rep today.”