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Analyzing a Part Run with uniPoint

In Part One of our Keyence Series, we showed you how the Keyence Vision System can measure multiple parts at once. Now we’re going to show you how we analyze those measurements to audit an overall machine run.

We utilize uniPoint through JobBOSS, which gives us quick and immediate looks at how well parts are being made to programmed tolerances. This system saves SO MUCH TIME!

Video Transcript:

“Here’s another quick tip. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to show you all those data points we collected for that pin, how to look at the data, analyze it, and see exactly where you’re running using a control chart.

So here we have what is called uniPoint. It piggybacks off our ERP system, JobBoss. What [uniPoint] offers is a quality side to our typical ERP system.

Here we have the data that we collected from this pin. We want to see how our [machinists] run at the machine. Simply type in the inspection number. I have it pulled up for us now. What we’re going to look at is the measurements. All these different measurements: 23 inspected items. How did this part run?

One of these features that we’re concerned about is this OD [outer diameter]. This OD has a 5/10 tolerance. We’re going to check our bubble print. What you see here is this OD, 5/10ths. We want to track this at the machine, and see how it’s running to a wear, if they need to make offsets, things of that sort. We go to our Measurements, Control Charts, and it’s as simple as this. You click on a feature. This is 750. That’s the overall length. You can easily see that we’re running well within our window of tolerance.

The other feature that we’re really concerned about down here is that OD. Right now you can see everything measures exactly 124/5 at the low limit. We’re good to go.

It’s as simple as that. Control Charts for anything, any job you’re running.”