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How Kremin’s Automated On-Machine Probing Improves Process Efficiency

In-process metrology allows us to measure at any point in the manufacturing process, without the need to remove the workpiece from the fixture or milling center. Our CNC programmers can design measurement routines directly into the programs, allowing us to finish more of the part in a single set-up and eliminate errors and unnecessary downtime.


The Key Advantages of On-Machine Probing

Quality & Process Control

Because we can measure the workpiece as part of the manufacturing process, we can monitor machined features to identify errors or make automated offsets. If a particularly tight feature is checked in-machine, the operator can address it immediately or even have the machine automatically offset after the probing to bring parts into tolerance. On-machine probing also allows for total control over machining raw parts that have variability, like castings or forgings. Slight variations between each forging can be probed and offset in machine to hold tolerances.


Monitoring Tool Settings

Having the correct positioning of the tooling is as important as having the correct positioning of the workpiece. Minute flaws in a toolholder or tool setting can completely throw off a pass–harming the workpiece and machine alike. Just as in-process touch probes can identify minute errors during workpiece setup, they can also be used to accurately detect inconsistencies in tools to avoid costly errors.


Manufacturing Complex Parts

Current state of CNC machines has allowed to produce parts with increasingly complex geometries. In order to most economically produce these types of parts, on-machine probing allows for in-process verification of complex shapes or deep holes prior to removing the workpiece.

Our On-Machine Probing Capabilities Can Benefit YOU!

All of Kremin’s CNC milling centers have on-machine probing capabilities that can help drive efficiencies in your production, making Kremin a quality machine shop choice to partner with. Contact one of our engineers to discuss your project today. We’ll help you find an effective process.