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What to Look For When Choosing a Precision Machine Shop

When looking for a precision machine shop, manufacturing plant or production partner, there are key things you want to look for in your future partner. These factors are:

  • Technology
  • Capabilities
  • Enthusiasm
  • Communication
  • And Knowledge.

Here we break it down to help you identify what to look for when choosing your partner.




Technology is advancing at a faster and faster rate. Even if you think that your part is simple, you can save money and time if you have a machine shop that stays up to date with their industry and their equipment. They may know of a machine that can make more precise parts, or a technique that is more efficient that can save you money, or a material that may be lighter but has the same strength as the material that you want to use.




The machining capabilities of your precision machine shop refer to the details of exactly what they can do for you from a machining standpoint. It is essential to know what materials your precision machining company can work with, what machinery they use, what techniques they implement, and the tolerances and outputs they can achieve. This will help you assess timelines and whether all the machining can be done in-house and on time.




People who like what they do are great at what they do. It might seem like unimportant criteria but choosing a precision engineering company that is enthusiastic to take on your job and work with you is essential. It makes the whole project run smoother, from planning to implementation, communication, and time-management.





A precision machining company that approaches each project in the spirit of getting it right the first time will save you valuable time, money, and effort. A precision machining company with systems to track, schedule, run and improve processes will have more success than ones that do not.




Your precision machining company should bring a thorough level of knowledge, experience, and expertise to every project. With a more in-depth understanding, a precision machining company delivers more care and precision to make the exact pieces you need that will work with your assembly and accurately meet the print. It is worthwhile to invest in a precision machining company that will talk to you and enquire regarding questions about the design or print, rather than making assumptions and machining an unsatisfactory piece.


In Summary

Choosing the best precision engineering company for your machining project does not have to be difficult when you look for these qualities. For reliable, advanced, and high-quality machining projects, talk to Kremin Inc for your manufacturing or machining project.


What Is “Lights Out Machining?”

Lights out machining is a technique or methodology used by manufacturers. It refers to automated processes and machinery functions that require minimal human input to operate. Because the automated processes don’t need human oversight or control, they continue outside of business hours and even overnight; hence the term “lights out.”

Solving Unique Challenges in Machining

Here at Kremin Inc, we machine thousands of different parts throughout the year. Each part presents its own unique challenges (see: opportunities). The challenges of parts range from logistics, dimensional issues, chip removal, to packaging.

Let’s present an example. For this particular part, the challenge was in work holding.

Small, Complex Parts

The Key Advantages of CNC Swiss Turn Lathes

Swiss turning refers to a specialized process for machining small, high precision parts. The Swiss Screw machine was engineered in the 19th century in Switzerland to facilitate mass production of the miniature screws required for the growing watch industry.  Since then, Swiss Screw machines, also known as Swiss lathe, Sliding Headstock Lathe and Swiss Automatic, have become widely known for its ability to produce ultra-precision parts in the medical technology, aerospace, and high-end industrial industries.