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What Are Chucker Lathes Best For?

Almost every machine shop has chucker lathes, but Kremin knows how to get even more use out of them. Here is how we go about getting the most from these awesome machines at Kremin Inc.


Video Transcript:

“Hi everyone, this is Trevor Perry with Kremin Inc. again and today we’re going to talk about our turning services more specifically our chucker style lathes and their capabilities.

Our turning centers also referred to as chucker lathess include state state-of-the-art Okumas, Doosan, and HAAS CNC lathes all which include y-axis and live milling capabilities. These chucker lathes can handle machining materials from an eighth inch all the way up to 18 inches in diameter. Though we most commonly machine materials up to a three inch diameter, our staff of machinists are highly proficient in utilizing the live tooling, bar feeder, and secondary pick-off spindle features of our equipment making this style of machining one of our core competencies.

This allows us to machine complex round parts complete in one operation offering the highest quality part by reducing the variability caused from transferring the part from one operation to operation. The live tooling allows us to machine features into the part that require a rotating cutting tool, examples of this would include cross holes, slots, pockets, or other features requiring the spindle to remain stationary. It is common for the Kremin team to machine various types of metals on our chucker lathes. This includes various types of plastic, aluminum, alloy steels, stainless steels, and even super alloys.

The common job quantity on our truckers ranges from 10 to 10,000 parts. I hope this video offered you more insight about our turning services. specifically chucker style lathes. If you want to learn about our other turning services, go to our YouTube channel or website and check out the video on swiss turning. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Kremin, contact us today.”