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How to Change Over a Citizen L32 Swiss Lathe Part 1

If you don’t know how to changeover a swiss lathe, today we’re going to learn! Part 1 of 3.

Video Transcript:

“Alright, everybody. Welcome back to Kremin Inc. I’m here with Lance today. We’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re going to show you how to change over an L32 Swiss lathe from start to finish. Let’s go check it out.

Hey, I’m Lance from Kremin and this morning we’re going to jump right into setting up an L32 Citizen swiss lathe. First off what I’m going to do is I’m going to load the program off my USB stick. We’ll go to Preparation. We’ll go to the Edit button, and we’re going to find the Input/Output button. We’re going to highlight the Input/Output button, and we’re going to be inputting a program into our control. We find our program number according to the part number that we have set up. This one here will be running a 3272 so we type in “3-2-7-2″ and we hit Input. [The software] tells you right off the get-go: Input starts input. It’s going to load right into the machine.

Once that’s done, it says process of processing, then it says complete. We’re gonna pull the USB card out. We’re going to shut the door. I use the USB connection to bring my program into the machine. Other [shops] might use a wireless connection, or a hardwired connection to bring your program into the machine.

From here we’re going to go to Preparation. Program Select, and we’re going to pick the program we just inputted. This is going to register the program in the machine, and tells the machine which one we’re actually going to run. On this page here, the first one that pops up is the MC Data Page. This is all the verification and the hard parameters of your tool sizes, of your stock sizes, your speeds and feeds you’ll be setting up and cutting off at. Once those are verified, I’ll go back to my Edit page. It’s already on List. I hit Input. This is going to bring up your physical program.

Once this is all said and done, we will start at the back of the machine and work forward. We’re going to start at the bar loader. Here we go.

After loading in the program, the next step is changing out your bar loader collet. Our L32 is hooked to a CAV 32 Bar loader. These will be just about the same across all bar loaders. I will start with a rag. Put the rag down, there’s a push-style pin here. I will push this out the back side. The rag is to prevent the dowel pin from falling into the machine and creating a very long day [of retrieval]. Simply pull the bar loader collet off, grab the new size for the material that you’re running to, and simply push the dowel pin back in. Wait to feel that click. There’s a little ball inside there that locks inside the groove. Once that clicks, that means that’s locked and it’s not going to come out. If this ball pin is not put in, it will crash the machine. The bar loader actually separates from the steel, the machine loses measurement for the length of bar that you’re using, and it will crash the machine. Don’t do that.

In my next video, I’m going to set the collet. I’m going to set the guide bushing. Like and Subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything!”