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Kremin Utilizes “Inspection Mobile” by uniPoint for More Efficient Quality Control

Mobile Inspection Software on a Tablet Computer

Inspection Mobile by uniPoint

At Kremin Inc. we utilize “Inspection Mobile” by uniPoint.  This improves efficiency and allows our inspection team to proactively manage the inspection activity.  Inspection is all about collecting data, making evaluations and retaining the records in a central location for further action.  We found this the perfect opportunity to go paper-less!


Using Inspection Mobile on the Shop Floor


Why Go Paperless?

A mobile device allows users to capture inspection results electronically.  This offers significant advantages over the old “pen and paper” method.  Not only can we create permanent records of data, it allows us to notify customers of any issues that may come up.  With this information at our finger tips we can quickly make decisions and corrections as needed, ultimately cutting out wasted time and wasted material. 

Paper forms can be lost, damaged or mis-filed.  Data collected by paper cannot be analyzed with ease unless it is entered into another program; thus, wasting time with data entry and posing the risk of mis-entry.


Monitoring Throughout the Process

One of the great benefits of entering electron data is the easy to read “red or green” box.  This allows the inspector to know that the data is correct just by a glance.  Green will appear if the part is falling within specification, red will appear if the part is outside of that specification.  This cues the inspector to stop and check again.  This red box function helps in many aspects.  For example, if the data was entered incorrectly the inspector can make corrections.  However, if the part is in fact out of spec, a non-conformance can be created within the system.  This ensure that our customers are receiving exactly what they need and that the part is made to print.

Example Screen of Inspection Mobile

Inspection Mobile has placed Kremin Inc. ahead of the game when it comes to inspection records, data retentions and the evaluation of the company’s quality health.  These things coupled with our drive for quality excellence make Kremin a top competitor in the manufacturing industry.