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Meet The New Mill-Turn – the Okuma Multus

The Okuma MULTUS B250II is the ideal combination of mill-turn operations, with lathe, vertical, or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations consolidated into one machine.  Projects that require multiple operations are perfect for this machine.  The MULTUS reduces processes due to its milling and turning capabilities. It requires fewer setups than your traditional turn and mill projects.  Everything is done on one machine. It also saves on floor space due to the numerous operations it can perform.  It truly is a one-stop machine.  With fewer setups, work station transfers and less “down time”, Kremin can offer competitive lead times as well as competitive pricing.

The H-1 dual function spindle head applies CAPTO-C6 tooling and has a 16.2/10.8 hp PREX milling spindle.  Kremin’s MULTUS has a 60-tool ATC giving it additional tool compacity when needed for more complex machined parts.  The H1-turret has a .001 degree B-axis and a compound Y-axis for machining flexibility.  The main spindle is equipped with a full contouring C-axis.


Mill-Turns like the Okuma MULTUS also allows us to machine extremely complex parts with tight tolerances and complicated GD&T. One set up allows us to eliminate the multiple fixturing often used in traditional milling operations. Every time you remove and re-fixture a part to access another side, you run the risk of throwing an associated dimension out of tolerance. One set-up allows us to maintain that datum throughout the machining process.

Do you have a detail that you know is complicated and will require a variety of steps to produce?  Reach out to one of our team members.  Our mission here at Kremin Inc. is to help you bring your projects to fruition by utilizing our experience, resources and machining capabilities. The Okuma MULTUS has the ability to streamline complex multi-step processes, reducing the number of operations and ultimately offering you the most cost-efficient parts. Quality precision parts in a timely matter makes the Okuma MULTUS it the ideal choice.  It is one of the many CNC solutions we can put to use on your project.