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Kremin Has New Swiss Machining Capabilities On the Way

As we have mentioned in the past, our CNC Swiss Turn Lathes are integral to Kremin’s machining capabilities. Our machining capabilities allow us to have extremely precise tolerances for complex projects. The advantages of the CNC Swiss turn lathes come from the guide bushing and the geometry and mechanics that take place in the tool zone.

There are many different brands of CNC Swiss Lathes, but at Kremin Inc, we use the Citizens Brand of Swiss machine. Currently we have 4 Different Model Swiss Turing centers and in the month of April 2020 we will be adding a 5th.


Swiss Lathes at Kremin

Citizens A20 Type VII – Taking up to 20mm diameter stock the A20 Type VII model contains 5 axes, 4 rotary tools and subspindle. The fully specified A20VII includes an X2 axis on the back spindle enabling front/back simultaneous machining. This, in combination with the rapid feed rate, has substantially cut cycle times.


Citizens A32 Type VII – Taking up to 32MM Diameter stock, the A32 has up to 28 tools Performance with flexibility – can accommodate up to 13 live tools Fast and powerful High rigidity and up to 45m/min rapid feed rate delivers reduced cycle times and high productivity.


Citizens L20 Type X – Taking up to 20mm stock the L20 is a high-end machine equipped with B axis and a back spindle Y axis.This concept offers unrivaled versatility – two types of gang tool post, five types of opposite tool post and three types of back tool post are available to be specified according to the functions required.



Citizens L32 Type XII- The L32’s offer the potential to convert from guide bushing mode to none-guide bushing mode depending on your application. Thus, the machine can be used as an automatic lathe with two roles in a single machine: as a regular guide bushing-type automatic lathe when machining long thin workpieces, and as a guide bushing-less  The L32XII includes the Y-axis to the back tool post, but also a fully integrated B-axis live tool spindle mounted on the gang tool slide. This B-axis block includes 4 live front-working and 4 live back-working positions. The swivel angle can be set over the range from 90° to -45°. This feature allows for easy contouring and drilling slanted holes at any number of different angles!


Coming New to Kremin in APRIL 2021

With more and more parts getting smaller, terms like micro machining bouncing around and the need for use to make small parts faster, we have invested in a new “smaller” swiss variant. The Citizens K16.


Citizens K16 Type VII

This state of the art Swiss turning center proves its worth in every aspect, particularly in the production of high-accuracy, complex parts up to 16mm diameter in small to medium batch sizes.

Featuring the ALL axis simultaneous Cincom System M7 Control (Mitsubishi Meldas 70LPC), its standard seven cutting axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, C1, C2) and one loader axis (A7) can make easy work of your toughest applications and reduce idle times by 40% to 50%. The user-friendly editing function which utilizes multi-line, multi-axes programming, along with superimposed and synchronized control, make setting up the most complex jobs easy.

Need Swiss Screw Machining Done for Your Project?

At Kremin, we have almost every option for your swiss turning needs, reach out to an engineer today to discuss your project.