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Safety Kleen Solvent Washer Demo

If you’re in the business of manufacturing parts, then you know that the only way to accurately measure parts is to make sure they’re clean.

At Kremin, we wash parts with our solvent washer produced by Safety Kleen. See it in action now!

Video Transcript:

“If you’re in the business of manufacturing parts, at some point someone’s going to ask you to measure them. If you’re going to measure them, they got to be clean. One way to do that is to use a solvent washer like we’ve got right here. It’s made by Safety Kleen, and it’s their Model 44.1. They use this mineral spirits to clean things like dirt, grime, oil, and grease off of parts.

Using a solvent washer is not the most difficult thing in the world. Most important thing that you got to remember is it uses mineral spirits to clean again dirt, grime, grease, things that like to cling to parts. Mineral spirits, while not the end of the world if you get them on you, it’s going to dry your skin out. Make sure you got some gloves. Now that you’ve got everything in here, it essentially functions like any other sink. You’ve got your running water/mineral spirits. You got your bucket to make sure everything stays there. If you need it, you got a brush.

Now it’s important to measure parts so that your customer stays happy and you can really throw those measurements off if they’re dirty. Beyond that, customers for the most part don’t particularly like oil on parts when you send them to them.

All the fluid going through here goes into this hole. It cycles back through and just continuously runs. Whenever you need more mineral spirits, you call up Safety Kleen and they’ll come out and replace them for you.

That’s the Safety Kleen 44.1 Solvent Washer. Just a reminder, for the sake of your customers, and your quality team–wash your parts!”