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Solving Unique Challenges in Machining

Here at Kremin Inc, we machine thousands of different parts throughout the year. Each part presents its own unique challenges (see: opportunities). The challenges of parts range from logistics, dimensional issues, chip removal, to packaging.

Let’s present an example. For this particular part, the challenge was in work holding.

I can’t get into part specifics because of the nature of the product, but this particular part is running on our Okuma Multus. Mill turn and the desired volume requires us to set it up to run un-attended, 24 hours a day. It is also an extremely complicated part that has over 40 tools and tight GD&T between the front side and back side operations.

The pick-off operation requires us to hold it on a narrow rail, but machining forces kept pulling the rail out of the back chuck. In response, our engineers developed an integrated force actuated cam system into the back jaws–which could hold the rail in place and allow for an automated transfer between the front and back operation. When the chuck closes, it fires the cam that locks the rail into place and prevents it from pulling out.

A simple, yet powerful solution that allows us to maximize machine time, maximize the use of our labor and provide the best value for our customer. A manual strap or operator intervention would not have delivered the same results. We will get into the tool life monitoring, tool breakage detection and in-machine inspection in a future post so stay tuned.

Unique problems in machining require unique solutions, contact us for your manufacturing project – nothing is too complex.