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Hacking Our CNC Machine Past Its Tooling Limit

Our machine shop was being challenged by a complex machining job that took a lot of time to create. The piece required a lot of various tooling that was beyond the machine’s typical capacity, and hand-loading in tools just wasn’t cutting it. With a little bit of ingenuity and a TON of research, our machinists were able to create a solution for speeding up this complex job! See how Kremin solved the situation for yourself.

Solving Unique Challenges in Machining

Here at Kremin Inc, we machine thousands of different parts throughout the year. Each part presents its own unique challenges (see: opportunities). The challenges of parts range from logistics, dimensional issues, chip removal, to packaging.

Let’s present an example. For this particular part, the challenge was in work holding.

Meet The New Mill-Turn – the Okuma Multus

The Okuma MULTUS B250II is the ideal combination of mill-turn operations, with lathe, vertical, or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations consolidated into one machine.  Projects that require multiple operations are perfect for this machine.  The MULTUS reduces processes due to its milling and turning capabilities. It requires fewer setups than your traditional turn and mill projects.  Everything is done on one machine. It also saves on floor space due to the numerous operations it can perform.  It truly is a one-stop machine.  With fewer setups, work station transfers and less “down time”, Kremin can offer competitive lead times as well as competitive pricing.