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Small, Complex Parts

The Key Advantages of CNC Swiss Turn Lathes

CNC Swiss Turn Lathes are integral to Kremin’s machining capabilities. Our machining capabilities allow us to have extremely precise tolerances for complex projects. The advantages of the CNC Swiss turn lathes come from the guide bushing and the geometry and mechanics that take place in the tool zone. With a Swiss machine, the guide bushing supports the workpiece close to the tools that the deflection due to the cutting forces is essentially zero. As a result, you can take heavy cuts and still maintain precise dimensions on the part.

Swiss turning refers to a specialized process for machining small, high precision parts. The Swiss Screw machine was engineered in the 19th century in Switzerland to facilitate mass production of the miniature screws required for the growing watch industry.  Since then, Swiss Screw machines, also known as Swiss lathe, Sliding Headstock Lathe, and Swiss Automatic, have become widely known for its ability to produce ultra-precision parts in the medical technology, aerospace, and high-end industrial industries.