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What Can Egg Crates Do For Your Shop?

It’s another quick tip from Kremin! Today we’re going to show you an amazing tool for keeping completed parts organized – the unassuming egg crate!


Video Transcript:

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Yeah, we got a ton of Germans, but not Germans. What else?
We got a lot of beer in Frankenmuth, but that’s not it either. We have a lot of chickens in Frankenmuth!


All right everybody, here’s your quick tip of the day: Egg crates!

Our swiss lathes can make a ton of parts really quickly, and a lot of times you’ll just see a big Tupperware bucket full of [completed] parts. Well that might not always be the ideal situation. In certain situations we’ll want to know [part] counts really quickly, or we’ll want to know what order the parts came off the machine. In those situations we use egg crates.

Small parts fit them real well. You can line them up in any order. We know an egg crate is 30 pieces so we can get a quick count. [They] keep everything clean and organized. We use plastic crates of our swiss lathes because of the oil we use. We use paper crates for other machines. We can ship parts in them. We can count parts in them. All in all, they’re inexpensive and highly versatile.

If you haven’t tried egg crates in your shop, you may want to check it out!”