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CMM & Vision Inspection

CMM & Vision Inspection

CMM & VisionInspection

Kremin Inc. clients count on our Keyence IM 7000 Vision System along with our Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) for comprehensive and trusted inspection services. From prototype to production, you can rely on our Inspections services to accurately record dimensional size, location, and alignment.

Keyence IM 7000 Details

The Keyence IM 7000 allows us to measure as many as 99 dimensions in seconds. Its ultra-wide stage (300 × 200mm) allows us to measure larger targets, improving your outcomes.

Keyence IM 7000 Inspection Services

  • Level or Spatial Alignment
  • Rotation or Planar Alignment
  • Origin or Axis Translations

Brown and Sharpe CMM Details

Our GLOBAL S Coordinate Measuring Machine offers you precision in measurement. Precise measurements are crucial to fit seamlessly into your production workflow and cycle times, improving productivity.

Brown and Sharpe CMM Services

  • Improved Unknown Path Scanning
  • Machine Path Optimisation
  • Automatic Power Saving
  • Air Saving Function
  • Messaging Lights
  • Advanced Software Options
  • Enhanced Data Analysis


Our Equipment

Inspection Equipment

1Brown & Sharpe Global S7 CMM with PC-DMIS CAD – NEW 2021
1KEYENCE IM Series Vision System – NEW 2018
1Brown & Sharpe Global 555 CMM with PC-DMIS CAD – NEW 2013
1Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite 2D Electronic Height Gage 24″ Capacity
1Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite 600 Electronic Height gage 36″ Capacity
1Brown & Sharpe Digital Surface Roughness Gage
1Deltronic Optical Comparator w/Edge Detection and Digital Readout
1Brown & Sharpe Optical Comparator w/Edge Detection and Digital Readout
1Starrett Optical Comparator w/Edge Detection and Digital Readout
1Covel Comparator Shadowgraph 14″
1Wilson Zerominder Rockwell Tester
2Starrett Grade A Tool Room Inspection Granite 36″ x 60″

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