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CNC Swiss Screw Machining

CNC Swiss Screw Machining

CNCSwiss Screw Machining

Whether it’s a component in a helicopter rotor or a pacemaker, sometimes the smallest parts matter the most in a machine that performs with lives on the line. These critical parts cannot be overlooked or manufactured improperly. When you need precision and detail in small, complex parts; you need Swiss Screw CNC Machining.

What is Swiss Screw CNC Machining?

Swiss Screw machining, or Swiss turning, is a type of specialized process for machining small parts that are performed on a Swiss Screw CNC Machine, or Swiss lathe. This machine pushes and spins material through a guide bushing where tools come into contact and cut it down with extreme precision. As parts get smaller, the advantages of Swiss turning become even greater since traditional lathes can exert too much pressure on small parts during the process and destroy them. In short, the Swiss Screw Machine is the best for turning small, complex parts.

Inside a swiss screw cnc machine


Swiss Turning at Kremin

At Kremin, our CNC Swiss lathes can produce parts between 1/16 of an inch up to 1¼″ That’s small! Components can be machined along multiple axes to help ensure the most precise pieces within tight tolerances, meaning you get exactly what you need. Plus our experienced staff have an eye for detail that cannot be understated.

We’ve helped partners produce:


Best yet, our Swiss turning center provides for one-and-done productions. With our full shop of manufacturing capabilities, we can produce complex machining in one set-up with turning, threading, milling, drilling, and off-center work–all from one partner!

Swiss lathe with 12 foot auto bar feeder

If you’ve got a project that calls for exact specifications on a smaller part, call Kremin Inc. and ask what our CNC Swiss Screw Machining can do for you. You’ll get to speak right with an engineer!



Capabilities of Swiss Screw Machining

  • Producing the smallest machinable parts
  • Accepting longer through spindle length materials
  • Accepting many various material types
  • Machining down to 1/16” and up to 1¼” capabilities
  • Auto-Swiss machining, thread whirling, front and back-side live tooling, and 12′ auto bar feeders

Swiss Screwing for the Medical Device Industry

Medical devices and instrumentation are on the cutting-edge of modern medical treatments. Endoscopy, surgery, advanced orthopedics and many other schools of medicine rely on medical devices to serve patients every day. Many of these complex machines are incredibly small, and involve many parts that require swiss screw machining.


Swiss Screwing for the Aerospace and Defense Industries

Swiss turning is heavily relied upon by manufacturers in the aerospace and defense markets. Again, these machines perform with human lives on the line so attention to detail in every piece is crucial. 


At Kremin, we’ve helped produce pieces including:

  • broached & threaded holes with milled fins
  • multi-diameter & grooved pieces
  • multi-diameter and milled surfaces with off-center milling and threaded cross hole
  • ball screw threads with multiple diameters and cross holes

Swiss Lathes At Kremin

CNC Turning/Machining Centers

Qty.TypeControlsCapacity (X-Y-Z)
2Citizens A20VII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2011 1) NEW in 2014
FANUC20mm Diameter
2Citizens A32VII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2012 1) NEW in 2015
Mitsubishi32mm Diameter
2Citizens L32XII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2017 1) NEW in 2019 1) NEW in 2020
Mitsubishi32mm Diameter
1Citizens L20E Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
NEW in 2014
Mitsubishi20mm Diameter
1Citizens K16EVII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
NEW in 2021
Mitsubishi16mm Diameter

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