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CNC Swiss Screw Machining

CNC Swiss Screw Machining

CNCSwiss Screw Machining

Few processes are more precise or versatile than Swiss turning. Our CNC Citizen Swiss Screw Machine can produce parts between 1/16” to 1¼″. The skilled craftsmen at Kremin Inc. have the expertise to get the best possible results with our Swiss lathes.

The Swiss turning center provides one-and-done capabilities, complex machining in one set-up with turning, threading, milling, drilling, and off-center work. This precision machine is highly effective on even the most complex and difficult materials.

If you’ve got a material that can’t be machined through conventional means or turning/milling operations, call Kremin Inc. and ask what our CNC Swiss Screw Machining can do for you.

Swiss Screw Machining Details

  • A20, A32, L20, and L32 CNC machines
  • Capable of producing some of the smallest machinable parts as well as longer length with through spindle transfer
  • From 1/16” to 1¼” capabilities
  • Auto-Swiss machining, thread whirling, front and back-side live tooling, and 12′ auto bar feeders

Kremin Inc Swiss Turn

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CNC Turning/Machining Centers

Qty.TypeControlsCapacity (X-Y-Z)
2Citizens A20VII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2011 1) NEW in 2014
FANUC20mm Diameter
2Citizens A32VII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2012 1) NEW in 2015
Mitsubishi32mm Diameter
2Citizens L32XII Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
1) NEW in 2017 1) NEW in 2019
Mitsubishi32mm Diameter
1Citizens L20E Swiss Lathe with 12’ auto Bar feeder
NEW in 2014
Mitsubishi20mm Diameter