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Andy Agans

Andy Agans

Kremin Inc Andy Agans

Andy Agans

Project Manager

Phone: 989.790.5147
Email: aagans@kremininc.com

Since 2014, Andy has been a Project Manager for Kremin Inc., but he plays several roles here. He also is involved in CMMprogramming, works in our Quality Department, and helps with quoting. He is a Six Sigma White Belt and holds a Hexagon CMMLevel II Certification. He also is a licensed Professional Builder. Before joining Kremin, he taught high school math and science and worked in Mosquito Control for Saginaw County.

I remember “helping” my grandfather fix a tractor around the age of 5. When I returned home my mother asked me if had been working in a coal mine; apparently, I was very good at getting dirty.

I had a neighbor who would pick me up to help with yard work and other miscellaneous repairs. Shoveling horse manure stands out as one of the highlights, especially when the pile was almost as tall as I was back then. This, combined with a house infested with fruit flies, lead me to a couple conclusions even as a child. First, do not own a horse; and, second, your kitchen cupboards are not trash receptacles.

I very much enjoy playing the trumpet in bands and orchestras.

I would choose Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian and athlete, to play me.

I would have to say He-Man is my favorite. He had a pretty cool sword.