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Gary Hiltz

Gary Hiltz

Kremin Inc Gary Hiltz

Gary Hiltz

Production Planner

Phone: 989.790.5147
Email: ghiltz@kremininc.com

Gary Hiltz joined Kremin Inc. in 2011 after working in the hospitality industry, where he gained an understanding of the importance of customer service. His first job at Kremin was a shop hand. He cleaned, checked in and moved materials, and handled other odd jobs. Later, he worked in inspection. Through the years, he learned to grind toolholders on a manual grinder and to run the CNC machines. Today, although he works in the office as a Production Planner, Gary is proud to say he can run every machine in the plant.

Like most kids, I loved to play around with my dad’s tools and old junk in the shed. Sometimes growing up in the country there isn’t much to do but take things apart. Curiosity is what led to the lawn mower being disassembled into parts. It wasn’t so much a love of all things mechanical that drove me to put everything back together but worry that my dad would find out I took apart the lawnmower. It ran, kind of. Thankfully, as I got older I got better at reassembling (almost) everything I took apart.

I can nail the whistle solo intro in “Patience” from Guns N’ Roses.

I’d want Michael Cudlitz to play me. He’s a great serious actor, but his sarcasm and humor would reflect me well.

Wolverine is my favorite. He is tough, gritty, and gets the job done. Plus he has the best facial hair in the Marvel universe.