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Judy Scharrer

Judy Scharrer

Kremin inc Judy Scharrer

Judy Scharrer

Customer Service / Shipping

Phone: 989.790.5147
Email: jscharrer@kremininc.com

Judy has been with Kremin since 2011 serving in a variety of roles including Customer Service, Receptionist, Shipping, and Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable. Prior to joining Kremin, Judy worked in the public school system for 11 years. She says that taught her patience.

When I was 14, I worked with the kids in the summer school program. One of my jobs was to teach them how to roller skate. Having never been on roller skates myself, it was a challenge. Luckily for me, the kids picked it up right away and I didn’t have to put the skates on to teach them. When my supervisor found out I couldn’t roller skate, she told me I had to put them on and skate across the gym to get my paycheck. So I put the skates on and had the kids gather around me. They pushed and pulled me across the floor, I took the skates off, and got my check. I never did learn to roller skate.

I think Chris Farley dressed as a female would be the perfect person to play me.

My sister is my favorite superhero, but I can’t tell you what superhero she is. It’s a secret.