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Michael Grossi

Michael Grossi

Kremin inc Michael Grossi

Michael Grossi

President & Owner

Phone: 989.790.5147
Email: mgrossi@kremininc.com

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has extensive operations experience, specializing in lean manufacturing environments. Prior to acquiring Kremin Inc. in 2010, Mike served as a plant and general manager for a contract manufacturer in the medical device industry. Mike has also held various management positions in the industrial and automotive industries.

I started working in my dad’s Italian restaurant when I was 10. I cleaned floors and bathrooms and did other odd jobs. I ended up working most of my childhood there, doing everything from dishwashing to waiting tables to cooking. It really gave me a great perspective on what it takes to run a small business. The great thing is the restaurant is still in business, right across the street from where Kremin Inc. is today.

I am a huge superhero fan and watch all the movies as soon as they come out, so its tough to pick one favorite. But if I could take all the arrogance out of Tony Stark, it might be Iron Man. I choose Iron Man because we make some really cool things at Kremin. Lots of what we make saves lives, improves processes, or helps people. A lot of the building and inventing you see with the Tony Stark/Ironman movies is similar to what we do here.