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Trevor Perry

Trevor Perry

Kremin Inc Trevor Perry

Trevor Perry


Phone: 989.790.5147
Email: tperry@kremininc.com

Trevor has been part of the Kremin Inc. team as an Estimator since 2011. Before coming to Kremin, he worked in the CNCmanufacturing industry for 15 years. He spent most of that time in the medical device sector, but also has experience in all facets of the machining process for job and contract manufacturing including machining, inspection, quoting, technical/engineering support, project management, job process preparation, procurement, and leadership. He holds an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management.

My first car was given to me with a blown motor when I was 14 or 15. My grandfather and I pulled the motor from the car and completely rebuilt it in his kitchen, engine hoist and all. Why? Because that was where his toolbox was and we had better lighting. It burned a little oil after the rebuild, but it ran.

My first official job was making pizzas for a rental movie/pizza place. I have a very strong love for pizza. I could eat it every day and not be sick of it. It was a delicious day on the job when people wouldn’t pick up their order or we messed up a pizza. I struggled, though. I struggled to refrain from eating the toppings as I would build the pizzas. I was never able to completely refrain from that temptation. I probably ate more pepperoni than I put on the pizzas. That never went over well.

I’m part of the Xennial generation, so it would have to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, of course.