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Ingersoll Gold Twist Insert Drills Are Worth It

Are all insert drills equal? Turns out, nope.

While most of our insert drills need a regrinding to keep them useful, Ingersoll Gold Twist have not had that problem! Call us true believers.

Video Transcript:

“Get ready for a surprise [Explosion]

I’m sure it’s the same everywhere else, but our machinists like to take their insert drills just past the point of their life. At that point when it falls off the edge, they’ll take these [drills] over to the hand grinder and revive them as if it was a defibrillator. Now seeing this over and over again, there is one brand that we noticed not needing to be [re-grinded], and that was the Ingersoll Gold Twist drill–the new gold standard.

After I recognized that these drill bodies are virtually indestructible, we’ve applied these in just about every application we can across the shop. As long as you can feed this what it needs: coolant, and the right feeds and speeds, this guy will give you everything you need in return.

There is one drawback to these things. [Gold Twists] can be a bit pricey. Both the bodies and the tips. But are they really? Every time Kevin tries to get one more part off his drill and blows up the body, whereas these will tolerate some of that. Are they really that much more expensive? I’d probably say not.

So, if you don’t know what to do with all your random drill bodies sitting over in your blue cabinet drawer, take a picture of the whole drawer, put it up on eBay, set it as “make an offer,” and replace every single one of them with a Gold Twist drill by Ingersoll. You will not be disappointed with what you get out of them.”